Jobs Available in the Medical Field: Study DNA, Administration, Medical Assistant

careers in the medical field

With all of our advancements in modern medicine we are able to diagnose and treat more illnesses and conditions than ever before. Because there are more patients, there is also an increasing demand for qualified and experienced professionals in the field of medical science. There is a great breadth of jobs available in this industry, and not all of them require a medical degree of 4 or more years. We’ll go over a few of them in this article.

Medical Lab Assistant: Ever wanted to study DNA?

Medical labs deal with a wide variety of different things, from blood and other sample testing to studying how viruses behave. You’ve probably seen those ads for Ancestry DNA where you can send in a cheek swab and find out what your heritage is (incidentally if you want to try it don’t pay full price, check out for membership coupons, and yes those are processed in a medical lab as well. There are a lot of different jobs available in medical labs, and a lot of them don’t require more training than what you would be able to get at a community college.

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Medical Director

The primary duty of a medical director is to coordinate as well as oversee the working of the department’s staff members, train the interns and provide proper guidance as and when required, … Read the rest